SWEDEN. Yesterday the Left Party, “former” communists, announced that they will support the deal made by the Social Democratic Party, the Green Party, the Liberals and the Centre Party. All of this is nothing more than a farce.

Jonas Sjöstedt, leader of the Left, had negotiations with Stefan Löfven earlier this week because he wouldn’t accept the clause which shut his party out from any influence and (S) needs their support to form government. Jonas said that they made deals on some things, but if the government suggests market rents or a depletion of labour laws they will level a motion of censure at Löfven and have him removed. Then the news about a secret document soon spread, which Sjöstedt commented on later saying it was only a memo. But the public can’t read this memo to which Jonas answered that he’d “told about the important parts”. That’s just not good enough in a democracy!

So the Left Party will abstain from voting neither against or for this latest suggestion tomorrow, which means that Stefan Löven will continue as prime minister and there won’t be a new election. A strange part of this is that the Centre and Liberals have been very clear that they won’t have anything to do with the Left and yet they stick to this deal though Löfven already have broken it by giving in to the Lefts demands. It’s very probable that he has promised contradictory things to (V) and (L) + (C).

I thinks it’s correct to claim that very few, no matter if they are on the left or on the right, like this solution. Polls show that every other voter condemn this. This means that it will be four more years of ostrich syndrome-politics, mass migration and a gradual exacerbation of all the problems in Sweden. More virtue-signaling and even less action then before. But I bet they are happy in Palestine: they will keep getting millions of or taxmoney to support their terrorists. Just lovely.


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