In November 82-year old Märta in Sweden took a taxi home from the doctor, but the Muslim driver stopped in the middle of nowhere and ordered her to leave the cab. According to the driver Märta had said hostile things about Islam, but Märta denies this and say that he wanted her to leave after she said she was Christian (“Jesus knows what I said and didn’t say”). He called his boss asking to be excused from driving Märta and that a new taxi would be sent. When it arrived she wasn’t there as a kind stranger helped Märta contact the police who drove her home. The police report didn’t lead to anything because of a lack of proof.

A Christian convert from Islam in Algeria has been freed from accusations of blasphemy. When he converted in 2015 his wifes family threatened him and finally he moved his family. But in 2017 they found them and convinced the wife to accuse him of insulting Islam and that he was threatening her. She was granted divorce and got custody of their daughters. He isn’t allowed to meet them and has lost his job.

The village of Dogo Awo in Nigeria have been repeatedly attacked by the Fulani Militia since November 2016. Their crops havee been destoyed several times, but the police haven’t been able to do anything, which is understandable. On November 26 Fulani attacked the people as well and one man was killed. Many have moved and those who remain have a hard time providing for their family.

Few things are as Christian as chanting for the death of others…

The government in Punjab, Pakistan, decided on on January 2 that churches have to comply with a set of security standards by March 31. If they don’t the churches might be forcibly closed. Because of the discrimination due to their faith it will probably be really hard for them to do the necessary and costly changes. It’s also seen as a signal from the government that they can’t expect any protection or support from them, but will have to fend for themselves. This tactic is used all over the world.

Four Christians in India’s Uttar Pradesh state have been arrested falsely accused of forced conversions.

Baroness Caroline Cox in the UK parliament want to cut the foreign aid to Nigeria until their government takes action against the Fulani Milita who persecute Christians. She told the media:

This year, in northern and central-belt states, reliable sources report that over 6,000 civilians have been killed by Fulani militants. Almost two million have been displaced by jihadist attackers. Vulnerable rural communities have been forced to abandon their homes. Churches and homes have been burned to rubble. Entire families have been slaughtered. It is – according to the Nigerian House of Representatives – a genocide.

Christians of the Vietnamese Hmong tribe constantly face intensively discrimination, harassment, land grabs, torture and imprisonment. Pastor Hoang Van Pas parishoners were threatened by the government and told that if they didn’t renounce their religion, they would face consequences. Last year four of them were arrested and beaten. They were raided again on November 11 and 24 and December 2. During open trials they have been pressured to renounce Protestantism and convert to Buddhism or they will be expelled from Vietnam. The communist regime doesn’t want any competition.

Vietnamese authorities are bulldozed more than a hundred illegally built houses whose inhabitants mainly were Catholics. Some of them wasn’t informed and were told to grab their belongings and leave right before the house was torn down. What I wonder is if poor Christians even have a possibility to get a license to build a house.

A new church, the first since 1923, will soon to start be constructed in Turkey. Surprising that Erdogan is allowing this.

Christians in Somalia worship in secret because of the intensive persecution they suffer. Al-Shabaab is their main threat and they have posted reports of their killings of Christians on social media (don’t know which, but have they been banned?). I’ve heard that there’s Somali Christians in Sweden who live as Muslims with their families as to avoid being shunned and suffer violence. A pastor told the Religion News Service (RNS):

We meet secretly in one of our houses and pray. It’s always a normal service but there’s no shouting or singing loudly. The people around here are not friendly, especially when they discover you are a serious Christian. It’s very dangerous for any to identify you as a Christian in this country. You will, in fact, be counting your days on earth.

Pakistani Asher Samson has been deported from the UK even though he may be killed. His siblings and their families got visas in the UK, but he, the pastor, was sent back. His church in Birmingham commented that it’s shameful that a Christian country can’t protect persecuted Christians.

Two decades ago it was forbidden for Christians to meet to worship in Qatar, but now there’s a church complex where they gather and the number of Christians is growing. Eight denominations are officially recognized by the state, but unregistred groups isn’t allowed and it’s illegal to convert from Islam.

Shanxi and Henan province in China want to have “church free zones” around schools, universities and colleges as well as all on-campus activity sites. They also want lists of the churches young members.

Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in chains. Pray that I may declare it fearlessly, as I should.

Ephesians 6:19-20