– This Isn’t Sweden Anymore

SWEDEN. Security expert Olle Fjordgren have worked all over the World, including Pakistan and Ethiopia, said in 2013 that Sweden is heading for civil war. Now he think that criminals already have won this war in several ways.

Olle think that it’s the political decisions that have led us to this point, the osterich syndrome coupled with ignorence and unability. And now the state is slowly loosing it’s force’s monopoly and doesn’t seem capable of strike back. He recognices this from the countries that he has worked in where the state is soo weak that other groups have had the chance to take over. Like when the police isn’t allowed to enter certain areas as “This isn’t Sweden anymore” or when Swedish law doesn’t apply because it’s sharia that’s practiced.

The rules have changed and Sweden have to follow suit. Olle says that the police can’t carry on working in the same ways as before, but have to adapt to this more violent way of committing crimes and controling areas. He brings up Lebanon as an example on how things can evolve if something isn’t done. And if ethnic Swedes gets fed up with the violence and challenges the criminal gangs and religious groups we might have a civil war on our hands (the same fears have been expressed about France). It sounds totally unrealistic, but what wouldn’t you do if that was the only way to protect your family?

Olle suggest that Sweden do as New York did: more resources to the police, that the number of crimes are added up (now it can work in the other way round: the crimes you’ve done can more or less cancel each other out when it comes to the lenght of your time in prison), no reduction on the punishment that the perpetraitor gets (as it’s now when you are let go after serving 2/3 of the sentence), more stringent gun laws and that we apply the three strikes and you’re out-principle. All of this sounds good to me except for the gun laws. They are really strikt now which only affects us who follow the law as the criminals do as they please anyway.

There’s a lot of focus in sweden on criminals rights, about having had a though start in life and Olle is very critical of this “cuddling” and want the focus to be on their own responsibility. And I agree. As it is now the criminals are laughing at us Swedes when we think that talking will make them stop committing crimes. Their cultures are often much rougher, with violence used as a way of control within the family and clan. I’m not saying that’s good, absolutely not. It might even be a part of the problem, but my point is that words isn’t enough.

Olle think that there’s still time to change this development, but that the politicians must get their priorities straight and not be lenient on the groups and areas that are troublesome just to get their votes. But sadly that doesn’t seem very likely to me looking at the current situation.

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