Swedens Government Will Be Socialistic – Again

SWEDEN. Annie Lööf, leader of the Centre Party, held a press conference yesterday informing that they had reached a deal with the Social Democratic Party.

Annie presented a 16 pages long resolution on how (C), (L), the Green Part and (S) will handle different topics. The Centre Party and the Liberals won’t be a part of the government, but plan to support them. But I don’t see why Stefan Löfven (S) wouldn’t betray them just as they betrayed the Moderate Party and the Christian Democrats with which they formed the Alliance.

Annie Lööf

Because no matter what Annie Lööf and Jan Björklund (L) say to excuse themselves they promised their voters to vote for Ulf Kristersson (M) as Prime Minister. They promised to stick to the Alliance and their political plans for the next four years. But it’s more important for (L) and (C) to not side with the Sweden Democrats even if it isn’t an active collaboration. By acting like this they have instead given all the power to the commies in the Left Party by making them able to make or break the government. The very party that they wanted to bar together with (SD) now have the possibility to pressure them to get their proposals through. The final confirmation that (C) and (L) are closet socialists.

Among all of things that the parties have settled on it’s the decision to increase the immigration of family members that have gotten the most reactions. The prognosis from the Migration Agency for family immigrants is that 181 000 persons will come to Sweden between 2018 and 2021. This prediction is based on the “heavily limited” (no, not really) temporary law that will now be removed. Hanif Bali, member of parliament for (M) (and possibly the coolest politician ever who recently worked extra in a garage on his holiday because he love cars so much), tweeted that there isn’t anything in this resolution that couldn’t have been settled withing the Alliance. Except for the increased immigration so that’s the heart of the matter for Annie and Jan. That’s what they prioritize.

On Wednesday January 16 the parliament will vote for the third time about who will become our Prime Minister and they will vote for or against Stefan Löfven. We will have four more years of incompetent socialistic governing and the question is if it will be to late to stop the deterioration of this country by then. Things have become so much worse during the last term of office so who knows how bad it will be in 2022.

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