A Kenyan on Why Somalis Should Return Home

This is a very interesting interview by Joshua Winston on Jihad Watch. The only narrative that we ever hear is about the war in Somalia, not how people in the bordering countries experience them.


Thank you!

I am from Kenya and currently reside here. I say let these Africans, and Somalis in particular, return to their country, because the money they get from Europe in benefits is ruining their homeland, because they send their cash to al-Shabaab groups and other warring factions.

The unmarried men come here with the money they get from Europe to do tourist marriage! They impregnate young Somali girls, and after their holidays are over, they return to Europe, leaving many girls behind as single parents. I say deport these single males back to Africa, so that they may look after the kids that they left in Somalia to starve in poverty while they enjoy pizzas in Europe.

We have many street kids in Nairobi, Kenya, who are of Somali origin. All of them are the results of sex vacations done by Somali youths who live in Europe. When these men arrive in Africa, they don’t go to Somalia, but Kenya, where temporary marriages are organized. The only thing needed in this marriage arrangement is an imam, two witnesses, one of whom can even be your friend, then when their vacation is over, they leave the girls, many already pregnant, and the girls are unable to find the fathers of their children because those guys are back living in Europe. These girls are forced into prostitution in order to feed their kids.

Europe should do something to help end this discrimination towards girls, and they should deport all Somali males, let them do their evil things when they are here in Africa and where they cannot escape from their responsibilities, rather than doing it while they have safe haven in Europe. Further, the majority of the money they get in benefits ends up funding terrorists. Europe needs to act now!

Europe must know the truth, there is no war anymore, especially in the east African country of Somalia. Let me stand clear on this issue, because it’s not only Europe that is at threat, but we Kenyans, too. We have Kenyan troops in Somalia fighting terrorists (al-Shabaab). We have US drones hunting them, too.

The reason why you see these economic migrants arriving by boat in Europe is because they are lazy people! They come for your free benefits which are paid out with your taxpayers’ money. They get free houses, free food, free clothes, etc. And most importantly, they are reinforcing their forces in Europe, because they know very well, when they become the majority, that you will be the minority and it will be easier for them to conquer Europe.

With the money they are getting from Europe, they are destabilizing our region in Kenya, because it is paid to their clan fighters! Kenya deported one million Somalis back to Somalia because they were terrorist sympathizers. We gave them refuge and they hid terrorists in their houses.

The result was that we lost 179 students. The result of Europeans allowing these Somalis to have EU citizenship is that there are many kids across Kenya who have no fathers, and their mothers are so illiterate that they cannot report the men because they cannot find them. These women end up depending on the kindness of NGOs and well-wishers who provide the basic essentials for them, whilst the fathers enjoy the good life in Europe.

I don’t say that Europe should stop helping Africans, but I do say that Africans should be helped in their own countries; teach them life skills, educate them, and teach them how they can develop Africa. The Abuja initiative encouraged Africans to relocate to Europe also.

Lastly, I will also say that Muslim nations and countries are encouraging Muslims to settle in Europe in order to grow their numbers. Even rich Muslim countries are not accepting Muslims; instead, they are encouraging them to move to Europe from Asia to Africa.

Europeans are becoming a minority, and Christianity as a belief system is dying out in Europe, and Muslims are seizing on this. Muslims are being told to spread Islam in Europe. None of the Gulf countries are taking them in. It’s time for Europe to wake up now.

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