SWEDEN. In 2006 the sociologist Petra Åkesson published her paper “We are at war with the Swedes: young robbers on how and why they commit crimes”.

Petra interviewed eleven boys between the ages 15-17 years old and they were all of immigrant descent. She found that the robberies wasn’t fueled by material gains, but was a way to wield war against Swedes. And that was their reason for only robbing ethnic Swedes.

She recorded the interviews and said to the media later that she’s glad she did so because the things that these teenagers said was remarkable.

  • The argument about being at war with Swedes every time they commited robberies was recurring.
  • They described that they felt pleased and that they had succeeded when they commited a robbery. The rush they felt was bigger knowing that the crime was so easy to commit. “It’s so easy to rob Swedes, it’s so easy.” They bragged about their crimes and it’s a way of life.
  • They expressed that they think Swedes are scared and stupid. “They doesn’t do anything, they just hand us the things, they are so wimpy.”
  • “For me it’s that the Swedes will lay on the ground and kiss my feet.”
  • They doesn’t plan their crimes. “No, when we see Swedes that seem rich or have good cellphones we rob them.”
  • So why do they feel this way towards Swedes? “They hate us.” “If a Swede shop at Pressbyrån he get his change back in his hand, the lady behind the counter look him in the eyes and smile. When we shop she place the money far from herself on the counter and look to the side.”

That last quote it’s almost laughable and show how naive they are. It’s also possible that the victim narrative is common among this group. But it’s vague interpretations like this that they base their view of Swedes on and how they justify their actions. Confirmation bias, is my only comment.

But it’s a very interesting study. It’s a shame that it became anathema shortly after this study to talk about this or anything about immigration as this is something that we know very little about. And you can’t fix what you don’t know.

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