SWEDEN. Last week two men got sentenced for killing a dog and many people have reacted with disgust to the video of what they put the poor dog through. I don’t know if animal cruelty is increasing, but it sure feels like it.

It was a 36-year old man from Gothenburg and a 20-year old from Grästorp who were convicted for animal cruelty and severe narcotics crime. The media never mentioned that both of them were immigrants which may have importance for how they handled the little dog. They said she was sick so they killed her by shooting, choking, hanging and having her throat cut. The dog suffered a lot and of course they filmed it and is heard laughing. But the most disgusting thing is that the police found puppies in the mans freezer. He claimed they had been stillborn.

Then there’s all the cats and dogs that have been poisoned by glycol or rat poison which have been put on meat, meatballs, sausages and bread. I found lots of cases in the media and here’s some. In 2015 in Kristianstad one dog died from eating meat spiked with glycol in the garden. A dog owner in Leksand left her dog in the cage in the trunk with the door open while she went into the supermarket. When she came back the dog were licking to the blanket like he had been fed. Later he died and that was in 2017.

Dogs have found meat with glycol on it in gardens or while out walking. In Västerås it’s a reoccuring problem that made some use muzzles on their dogs for a period. And in 2013, 2016 and 2017 somebody in Umeå left hamburgers, sausages and meatballs with rat poison outside. Dogs and cats were poisoned, but survived. The same thing has happened in and around Malmö.

Then there’s the cat Zingo in Sundsvall in 2017 who was held by the neck and punched in the stomach by two 13-year old boys. In Kristinehamn in October 2018 a cat got shot by two Young men. The police wanted help to find them, but didn’t say how they look only that they drove a blue Wolksvagen (a sure sign that they originated from another country). In November 2018 in Hässleholm three 15-year olds tortured a cat and threw him into a shrubbery so he was impaled on a branch. Cats were poisoned by glykol in Habo December 2018. And in Mariannelund in December 2018 where a group of five children about 12-years old threw a cat to the ground and hit her with sticks. The next day it happened again to the same poor cat and the owner had to give her away for some time.

I could go on and on, but there’s so many cases like this. The people who put out poison might be pissed off by dog poop, but one must not forget there’s a religion in Sweden nowadays that think dogs are impure. When it comes to cruelty towards animals in children it’s seen as a sign of anti-social personality disorder and when I read about or see videos of kids and teens torturing animals I wonder: have the number of persons with this personality disordered increased? Or does it have anything to do with the attitude towards animals in certain cultures as the vast majority of the assholes who are filming the throwing, punching and kicking of animals are from the Middle East?

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