The number of migrants that entered ITALY in 2018 fell by 80% to 23 000. That’s the fewest since 2012.

Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini promised to reduce the number of migrants and have succeeded in doing so. And the majority of these 23 000 crossings happened during the first half of 2018 as Salvini launched several measures in June. Many are pleased about this, but not all. Especially not those who have made a lot of money from the trafficking.

Last week Salvini wrote on FB that those who aid illegal immigrants hate Italians. The people, including the Mayors of Florence, Neapel and Palermo, who make profits by breaking the rules will have to answer to the law and history. The mayor in Riace is a cautionary case for all as he currently is on house arrest for being pro illegal immigration and helping it along.

But an Italian newspaper has called on the Catholic Church to excommunicate Salvini because he defy the Churchs teachings on social justice. The Churchs representatives have called him “anti-Christ” and “minister of the devil” on several occasions. And just the other week a priest called Salvini and his supporters “insignificant Christians”. But the fact is that doctrine does not encourage taking in migrants indiscriminately, but recognizes leaders right and duty to regulate immigration so it benefits the common good.

I guess those priests Think that Cardinal Robert Sarah is an insignificant Christian too.


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