USA. The family and friends were holding a vigil for Donald Guisti who were killed by Somalis this summer when they attacked again.

I wrote about Lewiston and the fate of Donald Guisti in June 2018. There have been an influx of Somalis in the area and a lot of conflicts. And it was in a fight triggered by these conflicts that Donald was beaten in the head by a brick several times. And as his loved ones held a vigil for him on his birthday at Kennedy Park a car pulled over and a group of Somalis armed with bats jumped out and attacked the family.

Donalds friend who was with him in June got his nose broken and had to have stitches in his forehead after getting a bat hit in his face. Donald Uncle JIm said to the media:

The family is pretty upset about it, you know? Because it seems like anytime that anyone who was involved with that thing that happened when Donnie died, family members, are targets every time they go into the neighborhood.

The police is still investigating what happened in June and no arrests were made at the vigil and the family feel that they are dragging their feet. The police answer is that on the last altercation both sides have been reluctant to cooperate, but there were witnesses who saw what happened. It’s easy to understand the familys loss of faith in them.

The video below is from May 2018 and show how they fight: a group against one person. I especially love the girls shouting a comment about a boy only being 9-years old. So why is he, a kid, taking part of a gang fight? Clan culture at work.


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