Can’t or Won’t Leave? Get recidence Permit!

SWEDEN. An investigation concerning practical obstacles to deport immigrants propose that it should be easier for them to get recidence permits. Even if they are criminals.

If you get judged to be deported you have four weeks to leave the country, but many choose to go underground and stay in Sweden anyway. Then there’s the group of people who are hard to deport because of practical reasons. It can be that the country won’t take in the person or that the border’s closed.

The solution is to give them recidence permit, money and let them carry on to commit crime. They get to stay even though they have no need for asylum and it will be the rest of us Swedes that will need protection from these people who are misusing the system. All immigrants will know that it’s only to refuse to go back and you will get what you want. I hardly need to mention that the left are delighted about this.

During the last couple of days the news have reported on two brothers from Lebanon who have been in Sweden for 12 years and who have committed crime after crime. Because of practical reasons they can’t be deported, but can leave by their own. That’s hardly the kind of people or the behaviour that we want to favour.


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