The countries of NORWAY and SWEDEN have been in unions together from time to time during the centuries and the last one ended in 1905. That makes for an almost family like relationship and now Norway is putting us in our place. And they are absolutely right to do so.

It all started when the Norweigan Prime Minister Erna Solberg encouraged her people to have more children. It’s well-known in the west that the number of births are decreasing and that’s often used as an argument why we need immigration.

But Pernilla Ericsson from the “newspaper” Aftonbladet (which is partially owned by The Social Democratic Party so it’s not so much news as socialist propaganda) doesn’t seem to know the arguments of her own side. She wrote an editorial about how the Norwegians are silly and if they only had been as smart as Sweden and taken in more immigrants they wouldn’t have any problems with finding labour in the future. Because immigrants from the third world are very skillful. Or maybe not.

That made sociologist Kjetil Rolness write an answer in the newspaper Verldens Gang and he is so spot on that I wanted to applaud when I read it. So I have tried my best to translate some parts of “No Sweden, it’s you who are silly”:

Because Aftonbladets analysis is by itself an impressive symptom of what we might call “the Swedish state of mind”. A state charachterized by an almost pathologic denial of reality, prefering wishful thinking and virtuesignalling.

No, immigration is only labour if it contains people who have, or easily can get, the competence that a high-knowledge job market needs. If not, it’s unemployment or labour market policy measures. There are good, humanitarian arguments for a generous immigration policy, but the employment-argument is disinformation.

No, immigration is an enormous strain on welfare, when it’s like the Swedish type: high and quick asylum immigration from the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. Between 2015 and 2018 Sweden used 212 billion kronor * on the reception of asylumseekers. 11 billion kronor* more then what they spent on national defence and crisis management.

* $23 583 593 828 & $1 223 677 038

And these are only the initial costs. A refugee pay three million kronor* less on average in taxes than what he cost the welfare state during his life. That’s why municipalitys in Sweden which have taken in many immigrants have a rough time economically. Malmö would be bankrupt if it wasn’t for big economic transfers from other municipalities.

* $333 730

Firstly, it’s not much to cheer for that it takes five years to get half of them into the work force. Secondly, the “job” is what Central Statistical Office call a job: more than an hours work in an occasional week. Thirdly, many of these jobs are “kind of jobs”, subsidiesed by the state. Fourthly, it’s not getting better.

National Economist Joakim Ruist presented last year the accounting on refugees by order of the Swedish Finance Ministry. It showed that the integration on the the job market haven’t advanced since the 1980s and nothing indicate that it will improve in the future.

We can therefore state that editorial writers on big Swedish newspapers, with some exceptions, lacks elementary knowledge about immigration and economy, in the own country as well as the neighbouring country. They think they are justified to explain to us how we should finance the future welfare state, at the same time as they can’t see how they undermine their own.

Aftonbladet writes: “During the recent election campaign Norway made fun of ‘the state of Sweden’, the result of the flow of refugees. The journey haven’t been easy. But we have taken in more and the population increases. We have opened more doors.”

I want to add: they have also opened the door to alternative facts which mean that they won’t realise the consequenses of this enormous experiment as that hurts very, very much.

Sweden is falling apart and the whole world knows it, except for people like Pernilla. But thank God for Kjetil for calling her out and providing the facts that so many people doesn’t know about or doesn’t want to see.


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