NORWAY. The police have noticed that children of Somali immigrants are being sent back home as to not become “westernized apostates”.

This practise isn’t just seen in Norway. There have been cases like this all over Scandinavia and the children are often sent to Somalia against their will. Some parents do this if they suspect that their son have been involved in crime. Once in Somalis the passport is taken away from them and also their mobile phones. They are then isolated at a Quran school without any contact with the outside world.

These schools are described as rehabilitation centers where the children have to study. They often use physical abuse to make the children obedient and disciplined. Victims have reported being lashed, having their ankles chained together, being hung by the wrists and ankles for minor violations and even being beaten unconscious with a stick.

Another thing that these schools do is to brainwash the students into becoming radicalized Islamists. This is a very important point as they can return and have plans to commit terrorism or influence others. One teenage boy said that they had to pray the following prayer every evening:

Let the West burn. Let it go to hell. Let God take the money from the West and give it to us.

I have heard about Somali children here where I live who are “away on vacation” with their big families and visiting relatives. I can’t help but wonder how on earth they can afford a trip like that, especially since we are told that they are poor? And also, how they can claim to be refugees one day and then visit Somalia once they get their recidence permits?

And if it’s safe to go on vacation or send the children back the whole family could return as well. Go back and rebuild your country! Then they won’t have to worry about westernization. Their attitude is quite insulting: they want to live here, get all the benefits but not become a part of our society. Instead they create one small Somalia in every country.