Persecution of Christians – week 52

The United Kingdom have plan to deport Asher Samson, 41, who came to the country from Pakistan to study to be a pastor. He later applied for asylum because he was beaten and repeatedly threatened with execution by Islamic extremists at home. He has said that he fear for his life.

Also, the UK have initiated a government review about the persecution of Christians so they can support them. This from the country that wouldn’t help Asia Bibi because it could cause unrest among the Muslim population. It will be interesting to see how they handle the information on how Christians are treated in Muslim countries.

On that note, Asia Bibi celebrated christmas in hiding in Pakistan with armed guards. People still want her dead and would kill her if they had an oppurtunity. For example her former neighbours in the village she used to live who say that she should be executed. But at least she’s not in prison and can be with her family.

St. Christian’s Church in Garding, Germany, had Islamic slogans painted on it on the Third Sunday of Advent by a young Muslim man from the Middle East. When a citizen interrupted him he threatened the person. He also attacked attendees to the carol-singing. This led to the church hiring security guards to watch over the sermons over christmas. They will stay until the middle of January. The police patrolled outside. And the Muslim came at christmas, but was expelled.

A church and community center in Mill Woods, Canada, took down the cross off an outside wall so Sikhs and Muslims would feel welcome. I assume they didn’t ask for that, but the pc-crowd are always ready to diminish themselves and then tell each others that it was a beautiful thing to do. Does anybody think that other religions would do the same?

In Laos Christians managed to celebrate Christmas, but had to invite local officials who monitored the sermons. An official at the Lao National Reconstruction Front, which oversee religious affairs, told the news:

We allow them to celebrate this event every year. The only restriction is that when they are preaching, they are not allowed to say anything against the rules and laws of the country.

25 to 30 youths armed with clubs, knives and iron rods arrived on motorcycles to a sermon in Kowad, India. Ten persons were left injured, including four women, and several vehicles got damaged. Five of the attackers were arrested and they implicated six others.

The Prime Minister in Vietnam has invited Pope Francis in hopes that he will visit them soon. He want their relationship to develop and lie that the Government ensures freedom of religion for the people. But it’s well known that authorities seize the property the Catholic churches property. Catholic clergy, activists and dissidents endure threats and pressures.

Congressman Chris Smith from New Jersey, USA, wrote in Washington Post about how the world must help Christians in China. Bibles are burned, churches destroyed, crosses set ablaze atop church steeples and religious leaders are required to install facial-recognition cameras in their places of worship. The restrictions on religious expression online are increasing and those under age 18 aren’t allowed to attend services. Smith want the Vatican to reconsider their agreement with China about the appointment of bishops as it hasn’t made the situation better for Catholics. The Bible is said to being rewritten by government officials to remove unwanted content and they have also launched a five-year sinicization plan for Chinese Protestant Christians.

Iraq’s Cabinet have declared christmas as a national holiday which led the Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Sumaidaie to proclaim a fatwa against Christmas. That makes it forbidden for Muslims to be part of anything connected with christmas, including saying “Merry christmas”. The fatwa include celebrating the new year.

Fulani Militia killed seven Christians in Rawuru, Nigeria the day after christmas. Only during 2018 they have killed 1700 people which is almost three times as many as were committed by all sects of Boko Haram. Almost no arrests or no attempts have been made to stop this violence.

A 35-year old Moroccan migrant shouted Allah during the gospel reading in Maclodio, Italy. He was holding his hand behind his back which made people think that he was hiding a gun or knife. Later it showed that he was unarmed. The mayor and some young men pushed him out and the police arrested him.

A mass grave have been found in Libya containing 34 Ethiopian Christians who were executed by ISIS in April 2015. They had come there to work, but were captured and killed. The execution was filmed and used as propaganda.

Nine Christians in NorthWest Iran were arrested during the christmas week.

Extremism is growing among the Muslims in Uganda who only make up 15% of the population. The Alliance of Democratic Forces (ADF), which is a Muslim extremist group, have moved from Congo and started propaganda campaigns. These have increased antipathy towards Christians and caused attacks against those who refuse to convert to Islam.

The assembly of Palestinian terror groups The Popular Resistance Committees published a flyer forbidding christmas. Muslims are warned not to do as Jews and Christians because “God is not for the evil people.” Hamas, which rule Gaza, occasionally attack Christians and their property and the population is shrinking. Since 2007 the Christian population have shrunk from 3 000 to 1 000, mainly Orthodox.

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