It’s still Burning

ISIS have released a new video called It’s still burning where they mainly threaten America.

They say that they will invade the U.S. and that the withdrawal from Syria will start it all. And off course they use the line from Trump about how USA have defeated them. The video said that jihad had entered “a new phase: purification for the believers, destruction for the disbelievers.”

We tell the Americans, the protectors of the Jews and the Crusader protector, whether you withdrew or not our victory is in our continuation. Even if you withdraw, you will return soon. If you cannot turn back, we will invade you from everywhere and you will hear our footsteps on the ground. The fighting has just begun and we are confident of victory from Allah.

They say they won’t stop fighting until “they can pray in Rome”, which is in an end of time prophecy. At the same time their media site released pictures of 2019 targets:

  • Statue of Liberty – New York, USA
  • U.N. Security Council chamber – New York, USA
  • Big Ben – London, UK
  • Great Wall – China
  • Merlion statue – Singapore
  • Eiffel Tower – Paris, France
  • Taj Mahal – India
  • Christ the Redeemer statue – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Colosseum – Rome, Italy
  • Petronas Towers – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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