We Must not Talk about It

Magda Gad is a journalist from SWEDEN who has reported from the war in Syria and won The Swedish Grand Prize for Journalism as the reformer of the year in 2017. Her latest project is about AFGHANISTAN.

Many of us were exited when she went to Afghanistan and by now she have been living there for a couple of months. Magda has written amazing articles where she interview women and girls whose voices are never heard. Unfortunately they were all behind a paywall, but I link to summarys below.

And it didn’t take long before Magda was critizised because of her choice of topic. Perhaps because people might link the chauvinistic culture described in the articles with the chauvinistic behaviour that the “unaccompanied refugee children” from Afghanistan demonstrate, for example by heading the rape statistics. Some things shouldn’t be talked about even if it means that others get hurt.

  • Why did you choose a topic like this? What was your purpose? – Most of us recognise probing questions like this where the person believe to be discreet. Why not choose this topic? It’s interesting and highly relevant for us Swedes. Also, shouldn’t the poor women there be heard? Where did the feministic sisterhood go?
  • You are increasing racism and making the Sweden Democrats grow. Are you pushing an agenda? – Being from Afghanistan isn’t a biological race and Magdas articles contain nothing of that kind. It’s about culture and, no, not all cultures are equal. And it’s exactly by implying that some subjects are forbidden and that you are tainted by bringing them up that has benefited SD.
  • Why interview a backwards imam like that? Why choose him? He represent something that doesn’t exist. This is culture, not Islam! – Because imams like that is rather common and especially in Afghanistan. It is the ideas in Islam which has formed their culture. It’s Islam that say that a woman is worth half of a man, that she’s less intelligent than a man and that it’s ok to marry children.
  • Go to Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh and interview imams there! – Yes, do Magda! Since they’re backwards idiots too I think that’s a spendid idea. Let’s show them more of what it means to live under sharia.
  • But all the priests who abuse children? – Here’s the difference: Muhammed, who Muslims are to imitate, married a 6-year old and said that this practise was ok for his followers. Jesus didn’t abuse children and didn’t recommend his followers to do so, quite the opposite.
  • This is anti-Islamic propaganda. People should learn about the majority of Muslims, not just some extremes. – It’s people like this who should learn about Islam instead of trying to explain to us and to Muslims that what they believe and live by isn’t Islam. Watch Ben Shapiros epic video and you’ll realize that those extremes are a big group.

Available reading (in Swedish, but use translate to get the big picture):

Priest Helena Edlund are in the middle of writing a series of amazing posts about her experiences in Afghanistan with the Swedish Army.

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