SWEDEN. The last four days the police and emergency services in the city of Kristianstad have been attacked by people firing fireworks at them. They fear that New Years Eve will be chaos.

The troubles have been worst in a neighbourhood called Näsby. It’s not on the polices list of no go zones, but it’s described as almost as bad as Rosengård in Malmö (mostly immigrants, drugs, unemployment, gangs). The attacks have been so intensive that a resident said it looked like a war zone as more fireworks are flying on the ground than in the air. The man said he had helped an old lady home after she got attacked and she was crying from the shock.

The police and the emergency services have had a hard time of performing their work. The police can’t stop the perpetraitors and are instead focusing on being present and being seen so they can help citizens. This Friday, December 28, the fire department had to go in the middle of extinguishing a fire in a container (where else?) because both the police and the task force got attacked with fireworks by a gang of teenagers.

I can’t believe what I’m reading. The police can’t stop the perpetraitors, the police and the task force were overpowered and the firefighters abandoned a fire! This is one step away from total anarchy! But there’s no need to worry, because next year you’ll have to have a permit to buy and fire fireworks. Good, now that’s sorted!

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