During five days the Christians in the Indian province of Telangana were attacked at three different occasions. Hindu radicals physically attacked them (and some ended up in the hospital), burned Bibles and damaged a car. They didn’t dare to report it to the police, but managed to have their christmas event after changing places at last minute.

Asia Bibi has celebrated christmas in Pakistan, but the main reason why I bring her up is that the Vatican have commented that her case is an “internal matter of Pakistan”. At the same time Pope Francis tweets about how Jesus knew the pain of not being welcomed and that our hearts should be open.

The police prepared to protect Pakistani Christians as they have been attacked during christmas before. CCTV were installed in some places and the police patrolled and had search operations.

On November 11 a group of Christian children in India were terrorized  by a mob of about 300 radical Hindus. Then they took Pastor Raj to the police and wanted him to ban the pastor from the village, but the police refused. The mob pressured Rajs landlord to evict him, which he didn’t do, but he didn’t renew the lease which expires in January. The pastor said:

They took away the Bible storybooks and some song and activity books from the children and tore them into pieces. They scared the children away by telling them that they will be beaten up if they are seen in the church premises ever again.

Archbishop Louis Raphaël I Sako of Iraq’s Chaldean Patriarchate of Babylon has asked the Ministry of Education to review the material used in schools. One example is a fifth grade textbook which describes a woman without the hijab as “sick”. It may seem small, but when all the small things add up it lead to dislike of Christians and also violence.

Purbayan in Indonesia is majority Muslim and they cut down the cross from a tomb belonging to Catholic Albertus Slamet Sugihardi (who worked as an ambulance driver for the Red Cross). They claimed that it was against the community standards with religious symbols in the cemetary, but that’s incorrect. The mourners were also banned from praying at their house and were directed to a church instead.

During 2017 there was 556 attacks against Christian and Jewish buildings in Greece which is a huge increase from 215 in 2016. 536 of them targeted Christian places.

A pastor in Sri Lanka was abducted and tortured by unknown assailants after being stopped by a policeman on October 29. When he stopped he was grabbed from behind and pulled into a vehicle. They tortured him with electrical shocks until the next day when the left him unconcious outside. From January until September 2018 there have been 67 attacks against Christians reported in Sri Lanka.

An Egyptian police officer shot and killed two Coptic Christians on the street some weeks ago. He has been charged for this and confessed, but not said why he did it.

Iranian Christian Jamshid Derakhshan was gone for two weeks before he was allowed to make a call to his family to let them know he had been arrested. He is 64 year old and in poor health.

Iranian Amir Taleipour and his wife Mahnaz Harati were arrested in an aggressive way on December 6 during a raid on their home while their 7-year old daughter watched. The couple haven’t been allowed to communicate with their family and are denied legal assistence. Increased persecution before christmas is a strategy used to intimidate the church into silence.

Christians in Myanmar have asked the United Wa State Army, which is backed by China, for permission to re-open the churches that were closed in September. They have given their consent, but there haven’t been any official message. 52 churches have been shut down, three have been destroyed and 92 Lahu Baptist leaders detained. Also around 20 female Bible students are detained.

Officials in the Hebei province in China banned everything relating to christmas to maintain stability.

A nativity scene in Ilford, UK, were destroyed. The statues of Mother Mary and Saint Joseph were smashed and the baby Jesus was decapitated. The set were paid for by the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA). They are determined to replace the nativity next year.

Maximilian Kolbe – the saint of Auschwitz

Shakira Wanyenze, mother of four from Ugandaand a convert from Islam to Christianity, kept her new faith secret from her husband for months. But when he found out he attacked her with a plank and tried to strangle her. He threatened to kill her and even bought a coffin for Shakira! A Pastor took her in and a neighbour came with the children, but the husband keep threatening both her and the pastor. He asks for us to pray for them.

Read about how Barack Obama and his administration made the Christian genocide possible in Nigeria.

Read about Walids conversion from Islam to Christianity and the hardships it cause him.

For Jesus Christ I am prepared to suffer still more.

S:t Maximilian Kolbe

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