SWEDEN. A 45-year old woman in Alingsås has been sentenced for sexual exploitation of a dependent person, a 16-year old boy from Afghanistan.

The woman worked at the refugee shelter where the teen lived and she was also an active local politician for the Social Democratic Party. She was also an officer in the Swedish Army. The woman was sentenced to six months in jail and to give the boy 80 000 kronor ($8 929) for having sex 10 times with the boy in October and November in 2017.

She didn’t want to use condoms as she wanted to get pregnant by him. After that she gave him alcohol, cigarettes and an expensive mobile phone to him. She also promised that she would get him a passport. Then he told another person in the staff because he felt so bad. He claim that she took the initiative, that he lacked experience and that he agreed because he was afraid of the consequences if he denied her. She said it was he who took the initiative and that he was very experienced.

To press charges on the woman might have been a strategy to get to stay in Sweden. This might also be true. He might have been pressured into sex. It’s well known that middle-age women who have committed themselves to the care of unaccompanied refugee children have been having sex with them. Conversations from closed FB rooms which have leaked show this and there have been other cases like this. There have also been reports that they have the same phenomena in Norway.

The thing about these women is that they actually believe that these men are children. That they are traumatized teenagers, boys, in need of a loving family, but still they start relationships with them and have sex with them. This 16-year old was believed to be 14 when the woman had sex with him! But his aged was later changed to 16, probably because his age could be verified in some way.

I probably doesn’t have to mention that mainstream media haven’t reported on this. If it had been a politician from the Sweden Democrats on the other hand they would be all over it.