Online Attacks on Murdered womens Loved Ones

MOROCCO. Members or fans of ISIS have shown themselves to be even worse than expected and that’s quite an accomplishment.

After the horrific murders of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen (24) and Maren Ueland (28) the videos of them have been spread online, by ISIS fans. But some of them went even further and sent the clip of Louisa to her friends via private messager. The senders had unknown Moroccan profiles. It might be the case that the murderers took Louisas phone and in that way got access to her contacts. The police is investigating this.

Some shared uncensored pictures of the women with severed or partially severed heads on Marens mothers FB page. The Sun writes that it was hundreds of pictures. Another source claim that it was done to express sympathy and that the senders want the killers to get executed. I can’t see how one could think that it’s sympathy to act like that. It’s just cruel.

Nine other men have been arrested. They were armed and had “suspicious materials” used in making explosives. In the lair of one of them four men the police found a hunting rifle, binoculars, a telescope, military vests and bomb-making equipment. Other Morrocans put flowers, letters and candles outside the Danish Embassy. One of the said: This is not us. But this is you Morocco. You produce terrorists at an alarming rate.

Louisas mother has told the local media that the family is completely broken. The caskets of the young women were transported to Denmark on Friday. Louisas ex-boyfriend shared this text on FB:

 Dear amazing Lulu, funny, full of energy, bundle of joy, inclusive, caring and thoughtful.

No idea how many times we were on a trip together and I turn around and you were disappeared, because so to find you far behind me because you had to look closer to a beautiful flower, view or something that the average person wouldn’t notice even. You saw beauty in every smallest detail.

You travelled around the world just as you would, you would not be limited by fear of all the dangers of the world.

You did what you wanted and you were tough.

Let’s not forget to pray for Louisas and Marens souls, for their families and friends. Christmas will probably never be a season of joy for them again.

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