The US Leaves Syria

USA. President Trump have announced that the US-troops will be leaving Syria swiftly.

We all remember the total chaos that erupted when Barack Obama did the same and how ISIS took the opportunity to move in. Trump and his advisors expressed is that ISIS have been defeated which is just not true. There are still about 14 000 ISIS-members in Syria and probably more former members living among civilians. Over the last two months they have executed 700 of their 1350 prisoners.

Another factor is that people are starting to return and rebuilding their villages. They need support and of course us Europeans selfishly want to prevent a new wave of refugees. But also, why should USA pay money and with soldiers lives when other countries aren’t helping out at all?

The Pentagon say that they are moving into a new phase without giving any more information about what that may entail. At the same time Turkey have announced that they will start a new military operation in Syria against the Kurdish YPG militia . I think it’s a smart move to be silent about your plans instead of giving them away through press conferences like Obama did. Also, I hope that the US won’t go home, but that it’s a way of luring out ISIS to finally take them out completely.

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