Suspected Terror Crime at High School

SWEDEN. This morning there was a loud explosion at a high school in the city of Hässleholm.

It was around 9 AM that an explosive charge went off in the cellar. The police suspects that somebody has produced it themselves with the purpose to hurt as many students as possible. They suspect that it’s a crime of terror. Thank God that nobody got harmed!

The Security Service are involved in the investigation and at 11 AM a man about 20-years old was arrested. His home has been searched and other investigations concerning him are being carried out.

Also, on December 17 the high school in Filipstad had to close because of a bomb threath. The police searched the school and there will be security guards present during the rest of the week. The head of the Child and Education Board in Filipstad said that the threat may be an expression of frustration, but that it might be real. Bomb threats isn’t frustration – it’s anti-social behaviour.

Is this g-ing to be the new normal? Bombs in schools in small towns?

Update 2018-12-22: The police have ruled out terror crime at Hässleholm, but the 20-year old is still arrested.

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