Scandinavian Women Murdered by ISIS

MOROCCO. Norweigan Maren Ueland (28) and Dane Louisa Vesterager Jespersen (24) was going to back pack around Morocco over Christmas, but they were brutally murdered.

They had reached the mountain Toubkal where many go to hike and put up their tent. One newspaper write that the killers were laying in wait for the women 600 meters away, that they stalked them and then attacked them when they slept. On Monday morning French hikers found one of them dead inside the tent and the other woman outside.

The Moroccan Ministry of Interior informed that the two friends had been found dead in their tent. One of them was decapitated and the other woman had a big wound on her throat. They weren’t robbed and some sources say that they were raped.

Four men have been arrested for the murder and three of them have been named: Rachid Aftati (32), Azid Youness (27) and Abdessamad Ijoude (25). It’s said that they had their tent 6 km from the Scandinavian women and they left it there. The ID of one of them were found at the crime scene and they were filmed by CCTV in a nearby village. The police confiscated 3 machetes, a shorter blade, a slingshot and several mobile phones. One of the knifes are believed to be the murder weapon.

All four are said to have pledged allegience to ISIS. The murder of the women obviously have a terror motive, which findings verify, and the Moroccan authorities treat it as such.

There is a video which is said to show the murder of one of the women and I found one source that said that the Danish authorities had verified it. I watched it and it’s really, really, really awful. It’s filmed with a phone and you can hear the perpetraitors saying:

This is for Syria, here are the heads of your Gods. (…)

This is for our brothers in Hajin.

Both ISIS and a local branch of al-Qaida are believed to be in Marocco and about 2 000 traveled to Syria and Iraq 2014-2015. Several of the perpetraitors at the terror attacks in Paris November 2015 and in Brussels 2016 came from Marocco.

Morocco has the death penalty, but it hasn’t been used since 1993. I think now is the time to revive it. And why not let these “men” get to experience what they put Maren and Louisa through. Two young women who had their entire lives before them.


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