Explosion of rats in Rinkeby

SWEDEN. Rats have invaded the no go zone Rinkeby in Stockholm and it have proved to be hard for the property owners to root them out.

The residents describe that it can be up to 30 rats running around in the courtyard. They describe how the rats come running towards them and that they ave to stomp their feet to scare them off. There is a fear that they will get into the apartments and some doesn’t dare to let their children play outside. They fear that the rats will bite them or that the kids will get some disease from the droppings. Also the rats build and live in tunnels under the ground and we all know how children like to dig.

Somewhere in Sweden

People living in Rinkeby have contacted the media on several occasions as they feel that the property owners aren’t doing enough. But the companies explain that the rats are increasing at such a speed that whatever they do it isn’t enough. They have placed traps and poisons in the tunnels and around the houses.

In many places in Sweden food is placed in a separate trash bin and is used to make biogases. But if you don’t do it in the right way and put the food in the correct vessel rats become attracted to the area. The property owners say they have had campaigns to learn the residents how they should do and they will keep working with that. But those who work in pest control say that there’s also have to be a program to combat the rats underground and in the drains.

Not Rinkeby either

I have to add that this isn’t something unique for Rinkeby. You can see this in different degrees all over Sweden and I think that this, too, is linked to culture. Swedes are orderly and want things to look nice with no trash on the ground. In other places of the world they are… not and integration doesn’t come automatic. And that’s why things like this happens and why one can see waste disposal sites in immigrant areas that look like a dumps.

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