The state of Sweden

SWEDEN. Here’s a summary of some things that have happened recently.

The police are informing the public on how to act regarding to the risk of terror attacks while christmas shopping. The advice is to be extra observant in pedestrian streets, on public transports and at different events. You shouldn’t wear headphones and always check where the emergency exits are. If anything happens you should flee, find a safe place and then call for help. You should be aware, but not afraid which seems like an oxymoron. There’s even an instructive video. Things have certainly changed.

A police in Kristianstad was attacked in his home by two men who threatened him with a knife. But first they choked his girlfriend and threatened her. It’s believed that the incident is connected to his work.

This Thursday a person got some kind of hot liquid thrown in the face by his/hers neighbour. The victim had to go to the hospital and the neighbour was arrested. The police in Stockholm doesn’t yet know how badly the person got hurt.

The first security barriers ever have been placed in central Gothenburg so nobody can run people over in a terror attack. Every piece weighs 4 metric ton, but are being called “street furniture”. The phrase among common people is, directly translated: Quran Sows.

A new investigation shows that the Swedish Televisions and Swedish Radios reporting on the crisis in Venezuela are skewed. They doesn’t focus on how the crises started and instead they are mistaking symtoms for the reasons. Nobody is surprised. 

The police in the city of Trelleborg are having big problems with criminal gangs. The police are getting threatened and the criminals have no restraint at all. They are recruiting 10-years old to help them and, as with other cases like this, drugtrade is the gangs main way of making money. And because the jails are full the criminals get released soon.

The Secret Service have revealed that the raid against the Uzbeki network that were done this spring most likely hindered a new terrorattack in Sweden. They also say that Russia is working hard to aquire Swedish classified information.

The Supreme Administrative Court have decided that the city Vellinge have the right to ban begging on certain places in their municipality. The reason is that shopkeepers have noticed that people doesn’t want to enter their stores if a begger is sitting at the entrance. The verdict makes it possible for other cities to do the same. 

Heléne Fritzon, Minister of Migration and deputy Minister for Justice, held a short speech at the UN meeting in Morocco. “Migration is here to stay!” It’s nauseating! 

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