Low rate of Employment among Immigrants

SWEDEN. Lars Calmfors, professor of international economics, writes in his latest book that there’s more difficulties with integration than people think. 

What are we going to do to get immigrants to join the workforce? There isn’t any clear answers on how to achieve that and the labour market policies that are being used doesn’t do much difference. The divide between people who are born in or outside of Sweden is big when it comes to employment, much bigger than in other OECD-countries.

It can seem like Sweden have a high employment rate and the Social Democrats praise themselves all the time for how the unemployment numbers have decreased. But the truth is that they choose to measure in a way that make the situation look better. If you measure how many work full-time at a steady job you get a more honest picture of the situation. And this is what it shows:

Only 3% of African women who have been in Sweden for five years have a steady full-time employment. For African men it’s 13%.The number for the women who have lived here for ten years and have a full-time job are 10% and 26% for the men. And after more than ten years have passed since they got here 34% of the women have a steady full time job and 54% of the men. They will never be able to pay back to the state what they have cost or be an asset for the labour and the economic market. Two more things that the politicians told us about immigration that turned out to be lies.

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