The Madness of Honour Culture

SWEDEN. A 12-year old girl, originally from Kurdistan but now living in Örebro, called the police in May because she feared that her mother was going to kill her. All because she had talked online with a boy.

The girl had already been beaten when the police came. Her mother had threatened to cut her and put salt in her wounds. Things were calm in the beginning until the mother started to hyperventilate. She alternately touched her heart and took a stranglehold on her throat, but when nobody took her seriously, she stopped.

The mother started repeating that if the police took the girl with them she would kill the other children (an 11-year old boy, a 2-year old and a 2 months old baby), two Swedes, set the apartment on fire and then kill herself. The mother also fetched the quran, kissed it and wanted her daughter to swear an oath. When the polices told her that that was inappropriate she fetched an axe! Who the heck keeps an axe in an apartment?! The policemen took it from her and she claimed that she just wanted to show it to her daughter

Then the 11-year old brother tried to stab his sister in the head! A policeofficer managed to fend of the attack and at the same time the girl fell to the floor, terrified and pretended to be dead. One of the policemen wrote later that he got the feeling that this had happened to her before. The girl got up and ran out crying, but a police placed her in their car. Then the mother lost it completely and tried to get to the balcony, presumedly to jump. She had the baby in her arms and the police had to pull her in.

In the middle of that chaos the boy started talking about that his sister didn’t exist anymore and that she had behaved badly. He also said that when he gets angry he kills people. I’m sure he’ll grow up to a stable adult. The father, who the girl refered to as stepfather, was at an internship, which means paid by the state, at a pizzeria, haven’t given much information. Her mother denies all abuse and say that the girl is proud and egoistic. To threaten to kill others or yourself is, according to the mother, normal and common in her culture and that she say those things in a loving way.

The girl was taken to an emergency home where they documented her injuries. She has said that she has been abused for as long as she can remember. The girl knew that she would be forced to put on the hijab soon and she feared being married off. She doesn’t want to return home.

Is the honour culture really this bad that if your daughter simply talk to a boy you bring an axe, in front of the police, to “show” your girl? Or, and I hate to bring this up because this have become the main way of whitewashing terrorism, is this a very unstable woman who have a mental illness or a personality disorder? Maybe this is how you become when you live in the prison of honour culture. It seems to be like living in a war zone. Noone, especially not a child, should have to carry such burdens.

I hope this little girl can heal and that her life will be fantastic!


  1. Let them kill each other. It’s a much better alternative than killing innocent civilians.


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