Closer to a new Election

SWEDEN. The Parliament voted against Social Democratic Stefan Löfven as a Prime Minister this morning.

The speaker of the Parliament, Andreas Norlén, will continue to have informal conversations with the leaders of the parties and he said that they are moving closer to a new election. If there are two more outvotes there will be a new election. 

So far they have been having conversations for three months to get two outvotes so perhaps we have to go another three months before we even move forward. I think we need a new election, because the politicians can’t or perhaps won’t work together.

And a new election would perhaps mean that the Green Party and the Liberals doesn’t make it into the Parliament judging from the polls. Both of them are lefties and pro immigration so I’m not a fan of them. But though things are kind of chaotic there’s a positive thing that the conservatives budget were voted through. 

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