The state of Sweden

SWEDEN. Mixed news from Absurdistan.

A 15-year old girl in Gävle were assaulted on December 3 by a gang of teenagers while waiting for the bus. The beat her so severly that she were taken to the hospital. The news says that she will have permanent damages, but not of what kind.

Children in a primary school in Uppsala found a loaded gun by the schoolyard. It was veiled in plastic and coth and lay on the ground in a grove where the children were playing. The school staff will be trained on how to handle threathening and violent situations. Some children were afraid that the owner of the gun would return and be angry that the weapon was missing, but the the police doesn’t think he will and that the gun was thrown there to get rid of it.

On the evening of December 5 a burgler broke into an apartment in Rosengård Malmö. The family was home and the thief grabbed one of the children, who is only 7-year old. He stuck a gun into the childs mouth! The grandmother managed to pull the child away and the father started to fight the thief. The father hit him severly so he lost conciousness. When the police came the father got arrested.

A 12-year old boy was out bicykling on December 5 in Kramfors when two men about 18-20 years old attacked him. They robbed him and beat him, among other things in the head with a hammer. The boy went to the hospital for his injuries, but it’s reported that he’s ok. The police have an idea who the perpetraitors are.

On December 8 a teenager was found passed out in a stairwell in Uppsala. He had been raped by three men and were taken to hospital.

In Sweden immigrants can be granted money to return to their homecountries to start over. I must say I really respect and admire those who do so, because it can’t be easy. But during the last four years there have only been five cases where these money have been granted.

The grave of Ebba Åkerlund keeps on getting vandalized about three times a week. Another grave close by has also been vandalized and it belongs to  young woman. The idiot who does this is from Poland and for some reason he isn’t kept locked up untill he can be sent back there.

That’s some news from Sweden and then I didn’t mention the bombings, shootings and burning of cars that have taken place during this period. It’s depressing.

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