Persecution of Christians – week 49

A school in Italy removed the name of Jesus in a christmas carol to not offend “non-Catholics”. And by that they mean Muslims, which is the only religious group  who need constant pampering. But a 10-year old girl launched a petition and managed to get Jesus name back in the song. 

A middle school in Virginia, USA, have also decided to “avoid singing anything of a direct sacred nature” in order to be “more sensitive to the increasing diverse population at the school.” This includes the songs performed at the annual christmas concert. The school says a few students haven’t been comfortable with sacred songs and they want to be more diverse and including. Christianity obviously isn’t included into that.

In Iran it’s common that more Christians gets arrested before christmas and in November 28 persons were arrested. And 114 Christians were arrested during week 48 alone. This is more people than ever before and the authorities didn’t know what to do with them all. The Christians were coerced to tell on their house churches and friends. The lack of space led to many of them being released, but they were told that they will be charged with propaganda against the Islamic regime. 

Iranian Ebrahim Firouzi, Christian convert from Islam, has been in prison since 2013. Last week his mother died from cancer and she had applied that he could come see her, because she was too sick to go to Rajai Shahr Prison. This was denied. The prison is known for violations of human rights and isolation is common. Ebrahim is being denied medical care

A house church was raided on December 2 in Jiangxi province, China. Bibles were confiscated. Another house church nearby were raided as if to prevent the church service. These disturbances are growing more common all over China and in the weeks before christmas the crackdown will increase.

Christians in India have launched a petition to investigate voters fraud as hundred of Christian names had dissappeared from the states voting list in the Madhya Pradesh state elections.

On December 2 a mob of 150 Hindu radicals broke into a private hall where 35 Christians were holding a prayer meeting in India’s Uttar Pradesh state. The pastors wife tried to defend her husband and was beaten. The police came and promised to investigate, but nothing has been done. All christmas activities have been cancelled in the area and they may have to cancel the christmas service too.

An Egyptian committe legalized 151 churches on November 30. There is a risk of increased violence as extremists can become agitated and start mobs against Christians.

Almighty, everlasting God,

look with compassion on all those who

suffer persecution for justice’ sake.

Grant them grace to carry their cross

with patience in the name of Thy beloved Son,

our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Let the chalice pass from them

is such by Thy holy Will:

yet, in all things, may Thy Will be done.

Grant to those who persecute,

light to see the truth, and

the grace of mercy and forgiveness,

for they know not what they do.

Mary, Mother of Jesus, Comfort of the Afflicted,

help thy children in their time of bitter trial.

O Lord our God, by the sign of Thy holy cross

deliver us from our enemies.


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