Leftiest Say the Darndest Things IV: Åsa Romson Edition

SWEDEN. Åsa Romson was the spokesperson for the Green Party and got international attention when she cried at the press conference in November 2015 when the government “closed” the borders.

We are forced to temporarily adapt to reality.

May be fake, but it’s too good to leave out.

Men emit more carbon dioxide than women. Men eat more meat, drive cars more often, they fly more. 

He was the chairman for Swedens Young Muslims in connection with hard situations like the 9/11 accidents. 

Romson about Islamist party member Mehmet Kaplan.

It doesn’t affect the individual person. 

Romson about the drastic tax increase on petrol and diesel.

If we had been in opposition to the government we would have critizised the decisions too, but when you are in the government you have to take responsibility.

Finally they managed to agree on that which they agreed on. But they also agreed very distinctly on what they didn’t agree about.

Because the most of us aren’t white, heterosexual, middleaged men but humans. You know, those who have the same value, but who are different in all sorts of ways. (…) The passive climate policy of today is a way to put lazy mens interests ahead of women and children.

From a speech in 2014.

We are about to turn the Mediterranean into a new Auschwitz.

About immigrants crossing the sea, which they did voluntarily.

I’m glad that she’s not in politics anymore, but she did have a way with words. It was the thinking that wasn’t her strenght. 🙂

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