Art for bugs to Enjoy

SWEDEN. Art for earthworms, bugs and plants? Funded by taxmoney? Only here in Absurdistan!

The state agency the Artist Commission has a department called the Culture Bridge which has the function to support new innovative art. This year they selected 14 art projects out of 115 applications. 10 776 000 kronor ($1 198 492) was divided between them.

An art gallery in Nordmaling in the north of Sweden got 1 030 000 kronor ($1 14 555) for creating art for birds, bumblebees, earthworms, beetles and mushrooms. Not art depicting bugs, but art for them to… enjoy? Four artist will be invited to create the art and find answers to questions like:

…..what is big and what is small, what is up and what is down, what is yellow or blue. Here one have to ask oneself, not only what art is, but if art exist at all. 

I wish that this was a joke, but this is actually an idea that adults have come up with and other adults thought was so great that they showered them with money. Others hard earned money that they payed as taxes thinking it will fund hospitals and schools. Not art for slugs.

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