A Diverse Christmas

SWEDEN. That the store Åhlens has embraced social justice philosophy in it’s add campaigns isn’t any news. It’s probably just PR stunts to get attention, but it works every time.

Two years ago it was the add of a little brown (can’t remember what the politically correct term is this week) boy who was dressed as Lucia for the parade. He was gorgeous and the gender discussion became very intensive. Some even disliked his skin coulour because S:t Lucy wasn’t black (?), which we don’t know. Another thing is that Åhlens have written that S:t Nicholas was Turkish, probably to make him more oriental, which ticked people off. Also, what is it with us Swedes and saints?

A real Swedish christmas has a German Christmas tree, Dutch saffron buns and a Turkish Santa Claus. 

This year it’s christmas and Swedish culture that is Åhlens target. We have been told for years that Swedish culture doesn’t exist or if it does it’s just stupid. Since we are barbarians at heart and incapable of creating a real culture so we have to steal it from others. And that’s the heart of Åhlens campaign, which is called All Kinds of Christmas.

At first they wrote about the tapestry on Facebook that it was unique and dispels the myth about the “Swedish” christmas. One hour later they changed it to a celebration of the Swedish christmas and it’s diversity. Some minutes later the text has changed yet again and then it’s a celebration of All Kinds of Christmas and it’s diversity. You have to find the correct phrasing so you make everybody happy except those of us who like the Swedish culture.

This isn’t news to us Swedes. We know that we didn’t invent the christmas tree, but I had no idea that we had too. Do the lefties mean that it’s appropriation? One moment we are supposed to enjoy other cultures and the next we are hypocrites that we have made them a part of our culture. No matter what we do we have to feel guilt. It’s a little funny that these people reject Christianity when they in fact are super Lutheran: all guilt with no possibility for absolution

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