U.N. To World: Silence!

USA. This is a satire text from Andrew Klavans podcast. I just love his sense of humor!

The United Nations is sponsoring a meeting in Marrakech next week during which nations in attendance will sign on to a Global Compact for Migration. Among the provisions of the compact are those that could, if made law, forbid any discussion of the negative effects of migration and punish media outlets that allow such discussions to take place.

Thus, under such a U.N. sponsored law it might become illegal to say that the U.N.’s migration compact is a piece of tyrannical garbage promoted by one of the most corrupt and abusive organizations in the world, filled with unaccountable power-mad chuckleheads for whom a piece of prime Manhattan real estate has been set aside in order that they might have a place to cheat on their wives while they misuse their diplomatic privileges by double parking before wandering indoors to empower lawless groups of blue helmeted stormtroopers to sweep through some of the poorest nations on earth raping women and children so that no sane person in this world would give a hair on a rat’s ass what the U.N. thinks of migration or anything else and should instead remember that the U in U.N. stands for Unelected Worthless Dirtbags and the N stands for Not Elected Worthless Dirtbags, all of whom should be stopped before they overrule the sovereign will of free peoples with the absurd fiats of smug and belligerent bureaucrats and the fat dictators who have empowered them to allow illegal invaders to pillage a western world they did not build and can’t understand rather than sending these wannabe terrorists back to the crap-hole countries from which they came.

And since saying that would be illegal, citizens of member nations would only be allowed to make such remarks as, “Oh look, migrants mutilating the genitals of little girls. What a quaint and delightful custom.”

So I hope the representatives have a good time signing the Global Compact for Migration. Then I hope someone crumples it up and makes them eat it.

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