Mild Sentences for Gangrape

FINLAND. Five Afghan men were recently convicted for gang raping a 19-year old Finnish woman i July.

She had chatted with on of them online and they decided to meet up, but when he picked her up there were two other men in the car. After a while they drove back to her apartment and all three of them forced their way in. After a while several other Afghans turned up.  They started to pressure her to have sex and stopped her from leaving.

They said that she was shaking with fear and refused to have sex with them. Then they raped her and during them they spit at her and one of them filmed the rapes. The next day one of the men called her to make a new date so more men could rape her. She then became so scared that she called the police.

The woman is in such a bad state that she has tried to kill herself and she still want to go through with it. When she was hospitalized at a mental hospital they threw her out during the first night and she haven’t recieved any help to cope with this trauma. She can’t stay at her apartment anymore out of fear.

The court gave the men mild sentences. The newspapers doesn’t say why, but perhaps it’s the same reason the French judge had for aquitting a refugee from Bangladesh who raped a 16-year old. He might have misunderstood the girls signals because of his different cultural codes. Is this the exiting and enriching diversity that different cultures would bring?

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