Afghans Keep Causing Trouble

SWEDEN. The police are warning that a group of the Afghans that got to stay longer to study thanks to the so called High School Law are commiting crimes and might becoming radicalized.

It’s like Hanif Bali from the Moderate Party said: why should this group, the Afghans, get favoured? What is it about them and their situation that makes them deserve special treatment? They promised that they would study if they got to stay and because of the politicians misguided kindness they got to do that. And the problems with this group have, predictably, just continued. 

It’s a group of under 150 Afghan men who are moving between Stockholm, Uppsala and Västerås to commit crimes like selling drugs and steal. Most of them have several ID-cards, some of them have as many as five. The lack of confirmation of who these men really were worried the Swedish Security Service before the High School Law passed and even more know. 

The Afghans are also being approached by Islamists and some of them have been invited to stay with them. I don’t think that anybody of these men, that we doesn’t know who they are, will ever return to Afghanistan.

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