Persecution of Christians – week 48

Asia Bibi is still in Pakistan and haven’t been able to meet two of her children in order to keep them protected. But they talk on the phone every day. The family have had to change home four times since the aquittal and family friend Joseph says:

She is an incredible woman! She has kept an unshakable faith and an infinite trust in the Lord. It may seem strange but it is she who supports us in these difficult times. She invites us not to be discouraged and says that compared to what she has been through so far; this is only a brief moment that will pass.

Christian leaders in Nigeria have met with President Buhari teeling him that the military is complicit in attacks on Christians. That it’s unknown gunmen or clashes between herders and farmers is a smokescreen according to the priests. It’s Fulani Militia armed with AK47s, machine guns, and rocket-propelled grenades who are gulity. Survivers testify that the militia use the military as mercenaries. Buharis comment was that Christians and Muslims must work harder to cinvince the next generation that they can live together. Or maybe he, who is president, could do something.

Leah Sharibu, 15-years old

But Buhari has said that the government won’t rest until the rest of the Chibok-girls and Leah Sharibu are released. 

In a funeral chapel in Treysa, Germany, some benches inside the church were set on fire with paper waste and presumably fire accelerators. 

A bishop (arrested on November 9) and a Catholic priest (arrested December 29 2017) in China have been freed. It’s unknown why the bishop was taken and the priest were taken for holding an illegal mass. 

Chinas new restrictions on religion means that teachers and students, including foreigners, aren’t allowed to preach or promote their religion or even speak of their religious beliefs. Officials are trained on how to handle religious information. 

Four Finnish Christians were arrested in Malaysia for preaching and handing out pens. They were held in prison for eight days and were tortured, didn’t get enough to drink and slept on the concrete floor. 

Ex-Muslim pastor was arrested in a mall for talking to Muslims.

A public talk comparing Christianity and Islam led to six pastors being arrested in Uganda on 24 November. Muslim leaders gathered a mob of 1800 people who screamed “Allah Akbar”. The pastors were arrested for three days and afterwards they have recieved threats. Uganda doesn’t have blasphemy laws, but Muslims influence the police and the courts to follow sharia. They blame Christians for disturbance of the peace to frame them. 

Thousands of Christian homes and 120 churches and shrines have been destoyed by ISIS in Mosul, Syria, alone. The renovations will cost about $12 572 700. The Christians say that the ideology of ISIS were present for a long time before they came and then neighbours joined them in attacking the Christians. 

St Mary’s Church in Penzance, UK, were set on fire on the early hours of November 24. A bin had been placed in front of the church door and the fire started there. 

Saudi Arabia promised to remove all encouragement to use violence against Christians in school books by 2008 and the authorities claim that this have been done. But reports say that textnooks still demean non-Muslims, encourage jihad against them, to not to become friends with them and that apostates should be killed. These textbooks are used outside the country, for example in the Middle East and in the UK. 

The man who attacked two men in a church in Cairo, Egypt, were sent to a Court of Misdemeanors. They decided to refer him to a psychiatric hospital as they he acted because of mental illness. This even though the victims and witnesses saw him holding a Quran and heard him screaming Islamic slogans. 

In India’s Madhya Pradesh state hundreds of Christians weren’t allowed to vote as their names were no longer on the voter list. It’s believed that it’s the doing of a pro-Hindu party. 

An Indian pastor and his family were stopped, as they were driving to get their baby to a doctor, by a mob. They screamed, beat and threw rocks at their car. A hacker had sent a picture of the goddess Durga with a text insulting her from the pastors phone. The mob dragged him out and beat him. He was forced to kneel to a statue of Durga and they poured petrol over him. They screamed that he would be a live sacrifice to her, but thankfully a police saved him.

A pastor, who was holding a worship outside in the state of Bihar in India, was beaten brutally by a mob of 150 people. 

The Syrian al-Qaida offspring al-Nusra have increased their targeting of Christians in the province of Idlib and it’s belived that they are preparing to target the Christian town of Mhardeh.

An ancient church in Terrasini, Italy, were painted with grafitti saying, for example, “The Mafia never loses”. 

Four students from a Bible school and a Baptist leader managed to escape the ethnic Wa Militia in Myanmar. They are forcibly recruiting young adults into joining them. 17 other students had escaped earlier. 

The AmericanCanadian evangelist David Byle have been denied re-entry into Turkey. Permanently. He was ordered to leave in October. 

A court has closed another church in Algeria claiming they lack the necessary permission from the National Committee for Non-Muslim Worship.

An app that lets the users report unorthodox practices with a swipe have been launched in Indonesia. It contains a list of blacklisted organisations and notifies users on religious edicts. You can download on Google Play. Indonesia have strict blasphemy laws and this summer a woman was jailed for saying a mosque’s call to prayer was loud.

22 out of 23 statues outside a church in Zarzecze, Poland, were broken on November 25. The figures were made of the hard material epoxy resin which means that the vandals must have brought tools.

Extremist persecution of Christians, August 2018 

We beseech you, O Lord

let the power of the Holy Spirit be always with us;

let it mercifully purify our hearts

and safeguard us from all harm.

Grant this through Christ our Lord


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