Criminals were Given deluxe Apartment

SWEDEN. This is a land of absurdities. We have elderly Swedes living on the streets, but local politicians prioritize beggers from Romania. We have families living in poverty, while criminals get thousands of kronor in aid.

It was in Malmö that five men, several of them from the no go zone Rosengård and members of the same gang, who claimed that they wanted to leave their life of organized crime, were given a deluxe apartment  of 180 square meters in the center of the city. The flat has a fireplace and a balcony and the men were also given food. When they didn’t take care of the apartment they were given a cleaning woman to do it for them. But since she came so early, 13.00, one of the men threathened to throw her of the balcony since she wike him up.

To be allowed to live in the apartment the men had to stop committing crimes, but the apartment soon became the headquarters for their criminal affairs. When the police searched it they found both drugs and explosives there. One of the men took in the policecampaign Stop Shooting (Sluta Skjut) that were launced this year to stop violence. At the same time he was still committing crimes. The campaign didn’t do any difference, off course, and it’s said that the criminals laughed at the police. I did too.

The social services paid 45 000 kronor ($4 951) every month in total for one person to live there. All in all the municipality paid more than 70 million kronor ($7 701 786) to the company that provided them with housing for different clients in Malmö. They defended this by saying that they “just wanted to be kind”. Perhaps it would be a good idea not to let overly compassionate middle-aged women who project their maternal feelings on these guys handle these things. 

The conlusion of this is that Sweden, the land which is obsessed with equality, treat people very differently. A Swedish begger versus an Romanian one, a poor family versus criminals of migrant descent aren’t given the same help. This is also the country were those who handle our taxmoney love expensive projects that doesn’t produce any payoff.


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