FRANCE. A new poll about immigration show that the french doesn’t want want any more immigrants. They have had enough.

Not quite how I imagine Paris. From 2016.

As many as 79% of the French doesn’t want further immigration, but the left and the right approach it in different ways. 52% thinks that France takes in too many immigrants. 64% agree with this statement: “our country already has many foreigners and welcoming additional immigrants would be undesirable”. 77% fear a political policy that is too inviting towards immigrants. 71% believe that immigration will lead to a decrease in wages because they are willing to work for less.

Macrons government have, finally, started to listen to the public about this and are slowing down immigration, but there’s further pressure on them to do more. And for good reason when you think about the riots in parts of cities, that there’s parts of for example Paris that whites can’t enter, terrorattacks, antisemitism, migrant camps, rapes, vandalism of churches and so on. In 2016 8.8% were Muslims in France and by 2050 they will make up 18.0% of the population.