SWEDEN. I could name this post Why I left the Church of Sweden because this kind of behaviour is one of the reasons why I left and became Catholic. 

I wrote about Greta Thunberg in late August about her strike from school to help the enviroment. I assume that those problems with the climate are fixed now and that’s why the church in Limhamn wrote this on Twitter:

Announcement! Jesus of Nasareth have now chosen one of his successors, namely Greta Thunberg. 

Limhamns comment about this was that sometimes they tweet with a twinkle in their eye as they are serious at the same time. What is serious about that tweet? Nothing. It’s not even funny, just silly.

Can you joke about Jesus? Yes, definitely, but one shouldn’t cross the line into vulgarity and forget who Jesus is. Or imply that a young girl, with no other credentials then that she has a famous mom and managed to become the medias darling, is in line with the Son of God.

It doesn’t really matter, it’s just a tweet. But as this is such a secular country and the Church of Sweden are losing members at a rapid pace I think that they should be smarter. Why would anybody be interested in a religion that the practitioners themselves doesn’t take seriously? Advent is the time of preparation for Jesus birth, a time for contemplating that miracle. To suggest that Greta herself is just as important as Jesus and can do what he does is just tragic when it comes from a Christian.