Dialogue with Islam is Impossible

ITALY. American priest Fr. Mario Portella were interviewed by La Verità on 22 November about his book Islam: Religion of Peace? The Violation of Natural Rights and Western Cover-Up.

All of us who have read the Quran or even bits of it know that it calls for violence against non-believers and that’s what Fr. Portella says openly instead of pretending that Islam is all about peace. 

Only one has to look at the original Islamic texts that speak the truth; those texts however are ignored by scholars and activists who maintain that they are being misinterpreted by those who terrorism and the Islamization of the world. It is simply not true.

The cover-up that the west does when it pretends that Islam is peaceful is because of financial reasons. The west wants oil and gas and in exchange they sell arms to these countries, even though they oppress their citizens and especially the Christians. The Christian population in Iraq feel that the US left the country in a state of anarchy and now the pastoral ministry have to spend most of their time defending their flock from Muslim persecution. But they still feel hope even though their sufferings.

Islamists have infiltrated the government in the west and as lobbyists in, for example, the UN. From those places they have influenced heads of states to implement so-called soft laws that criminalize criticism of Islam, calling it Islamophobia

The pope has done very well to bring the gospel of Christ to the Islamic world, as his predecessors Benedict XVI and John Paul II. Christianity, however, is based on the peace and love of God, while Islam justifies killing and war in its sacred texts. This makes it difficult individualize a constructive path with Muslims. It is more of a political problem than a religious one.

A dialogue with Islam is impossible as there’s no central authority representing Islam altogether. But dialogue with Muslims and imams is possible, but since they are so widespread and isn’t united it’s hard. Another problem is how they handle critizism and critical analyzis. For example when Benedict XVI mentioned the fact the Muhammed preached peace in the beginning of his ministry and later he used to sword to spread Islam. My estimation is that Islam lack the tradition of philosophy and discussion, which Christianity have, since the treath of violence hangs over those who deviate from consensus.

When the Holy Father meets with certain individuals, such as Imam Ahmed el-Tayeb, the Rector-Emeritus of al-Azhar University—the most prestigious university in the Sunni world—he cannot rely on what he says; he speaks of peace with him, but when el-Tayeb goes back to Egypt he says something else. President el-Sisi himself tried to convince el-Tayeb and the religious body of the Islamic world in 2014 to see and interpret the Quran in a historical context because Muslims cannot continue the path where they justify violence from the verses. But he was blocked by el-Tayeb.

Fr. Portella suggests that the imams stay true to their word and that they also revise the Quran and correct the troublesome hadiths. I find that a bit naive to say the least. I don’t think he would be positive to changing the Bible because of what some outsiders think is right. Who are they, or any of us, to change the word of God?

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