Art to Merge with Islam during Advent

AUSTRIA. An art project will sound Islams call to prayer once a day from 2 December to 23 December in Linz from the chapel of the Ursuline Church.

The project is called ADHINA, probably from the word Adhan which is the creed of Islam. It will be an audiovisiual experience including a call to prayer taped in Algeria, Mozambique, Singapore and Istanbul. The mix of the sounds and pictures from the urban world and Islam in the Christian surroundings will “link the different realms of reality”. The month of Advent, of preparation for Jesus, becomes a time of Islam.

Now we are waiting with great anticipation for the next art project when Christians gets to transmit their creed from a mosque in Linz during ramadan. I’m sure they will be as open-minded as the Ursuline Church. 

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