School Reported for Inviting Hunter

SWEDEN. A preschool in Mullsjö has invited a local hunter for years and it has been very appreciated by the children. But this year the school were reported to the School Inspectorate. 

Mullsjö is a small town surrounded by large forrests filled with all kinds of animals. Accidents because of roe deer happens frequently and as you can understand hunting isn’t just common, but also needed. The schools headmaster says that almost every child know someone who is a hunter.

Look at those traumatized kids waving for help!

Glenn, who work at the school, has visited the six-year olds for six years and talk with the children about hunting moose and the traditions around it. He brings his rifle (unloaded and the children never touch it), an antler that a moose has dropped in the forrest, hearing protection and other things. But a local SJW didn’t like this and wrote this to the School Inspectorate:

Where in the school curriculum does it say that hunters may come to teach children about hunting, how it’s done and even show weapons and trophies from his earlier raids. Is it hunting and killing that needs to be taught to our young children? Society as a whole strive to become friendlier and softer. But our preschoolers are to be shown that death and weapons is normal.

This is obviously a person that who has lost touch with reality, because we are not separated from the world around us. That the enviroment affects us is something that’s repeated whenever the discussion is about the climate or pollution and of course it applies to this too. 

First: death is natural. The sooner the kid realise that the better. If you have a belief system that doesn’t provide comfort concerning death it off course becomes problematic. Few children, or adults, are soothed by “we just disappear” or “nobody knows“.

Second: we all profit from the killing of animals so that they doesn’t roam the roads and cause accidents. A female moose weighs around 500 kilos (1102 pounds), the bull up to 800 kilos (1763 pounds) so a collision may be the  last thing you do. And if the animal survives and perhaps manages to run off it’s people like Glenn that use their sparetime to track the animal and put it down if the injurys are severe and it suffers. Mooses can become aggressive, especially if you get between the female and her offspring. They have been known to chase people or walk into towns were they get stressed and aggressive.

Third: wild boar are also aggressive. They destroy farmlands and gardens, breed at a quick rate and cause car accidents. Lynx have been seen in the forrests around Mullsjö where they have killed farmers sheeps, which lead to economic loss. 

Fourth: I found wolf tracks once when I was alone in the middle of the forrest. Sure wish I’d have had a weapon or a hunter with me then.

My foot and those big paw prints. Too big to be a dog and with no human footprints around.

Fifth: weapons are normal, especially on the countryside, and I bet that many of the children tought it was really cool to see one. Humans have always hunted and it’s because of that we have survived. Would she prefer factory farmed meat? But I bet that she will demand to come to the class and talk about veganism.

Sixth: this person wants a kinder and softer world, but sees no problem with demonize a whole group of people and shut down education about subjects that she doesn’t approve of.

Seventh: the moore you see and know the better. If you meet a policeman or a hunter you understand what they do and why they are important. It’s not about indoctrination (unlike veganism). It’s about knowledge and also give the children a chance to understand why it isn’t a good idea to play or pick berries in the woods during the weeks when moose are being hunted.

I really hope that the School Inspectorate and the school doesn’t yield to this nonsense. 

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