Transsexualism Can’t Be Questioned

USA. That the whole society have to accept and change to the little group of transsexuals, 0,58% of the U.S. population, is unreasonable. Particularly when the movement replace truth with lies and force it on others. 

The latest development is that biological facts, basic science, is hate speech and you can no longer mention that there are only two genders because that’s intolerant. During the last couple of days some people have actually been permanently banned from Twitter for writing that men are men and women are women. Saying that Jews are termites is still ok though. Listen to Matt Walsh analysis of this topic.

Another thing is the opinion piece from The NY Times
Andrea Long Chu has written about her gender dysphoria and her transition from male to female. It’s a very raw and moving piece, but if her purpose was to make people positive to the trans-movement she failed spectacularly. Because the situation that she describes is pure madness and I feel sorry for her. 

The hormones, that she will have to take for the rest of her life, makes her feel so bad that she’s contemplating suicide from time to time (and then she doesn’t mention that they can give her cancer). She writes that even with all the surgeries she will never be a real woman, that they probably won’t even make her feel better. The struggle will never be over and one example of this is that her vagina will need “regular, painful attention to maintain.” Is it really worth all this pain if it doesn’t even give the wanted outcome?

Andrea also write about the doctors who mix their concern about transpeoples well-being with scrutiny about the treatments given. If they aren’t pro-transition without questioning anything they are nothing else than biggots under the guise of compassion. You have to agree or you’re shamed as a heartless transphobe.

To provide the correct treatments, the ones that actually improve the persons condition, is a requirement for all things done within the healthcare sector. So to make a person go through tough treatments that doesn’t help just so the patient will “feel that she’s taken seriously” is gross malpractice. And given what Andrea write about transitioning it should definitely be questioned and improved.

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