SWEDEN. The interrim government, led by Stefan Löfven, will sign the UN Migration Pact in Morocco hoping that more immigrants will benefit the country. Because it has worked so well so far!

The politicians are of the opinion that the framework will make immigration “safe, arranged and regular”. It seems like they have misunderstood what the pact is all about and think that they will approve next years timetable for Stockholms buses.

They also stress the need of labour which is laughable since the Social Democrats have, through the unions, resisted this for years. Also since Sweden is packed with immigrants who were said to be physicians and engineers and turned out to be low skilled and unhireable. Sweden need midwives, phsycologists, teachers and software developers. Why would these skilled people suddenly appear now? Immigration won’t bring qualified people just more of what we already have.

There’s also an anticipation that signing this framework will lead to increased investments and trade with the countries that the immigrants come from. This makes me very curious. Have we seen this so far? Are people investing in Somalia and Afghanistan or importing products from there? And it’s also relevant to ask if we want to support dictatures economically.

One part of the pact is the infringes on freedom of speech that it propose by wanting to quiet those who isn’t having an evidence-based public debate about immigration. Whose evidence? The “evidence” that everybody repeated for years about the number of rapes? Or the other politically correct lies we’ve been fed? According to some what I write here is racism, hate and islamophobia, but I don’t think so. Sometimes I write in anger, but never in hate. Who will decide which debate is ok? Doesn’t they understand that their good intentions are sending us straight towards dictature?

And even though the pact isn’t an international treaty and therefore can’t have an effect on a countrys legal system, there’s a big chance that it will be ratifyed in the future. For example The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child will become Swedish law on 1 January 2020 and The Swedish National Commission for UNESCO have ratified several declarations. Another way to make a framework legal is that it’s a custom and the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an example of that. And the Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó has commented that the word obligatory is used 80 times in the Migration Pact. Also, why sign something if the politicians doesn’t intend to follow it?

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