Foreign Beggers entitled to Housing

Even though SWEDEN is a small country it seems like we carry the responsibility for the whole world on our soulders.

In some sense it’s a part of our national identity and us Swedes like that image of ourselves, which have put us in our current situation. But there’s also others that want us to live up to this facade. Like Amnesty in their report Sweden: A Cold Welcome. Human rights of Roma and other ‘vulnerable EU citizens’ at risk which were released on November 23. 

Some years ago our country was invaded by beggers, mainly Roma from Romania and Bulgaria, and they sat outside stores everywhere! Now there’s about 4700 of those vulnerable EU citizens in Sweden. The media told us that trafficking didn’t exist, beggers didn’t create any problems and anybody who said otherwise was, of course, a racist (because beggers sleeping, shitting and peeing in schoolyards is undoubtedly a question of biology and race). That it’s a crime to beg and that one’s only allowed to stay in the country for 3 months, even though the police doesn’t reinforce it, seems beside the point.

Camp in Malmö 2014. Often they squat on private property and totally destroyed it, costing thousands of kronor to fix. 

It’s still Swedens responsibility to take care of the beggars according to Amnesty. Every municipality have to provide them with shelter, social support, sanitation and health care services because other poor people in Sweden get that. Well, it’s hardly unreasonable that Swedish citizens can access welfare that were meant for them, is it? But the fact is that they doesn’t get that and we have around 10 000 persons over the age of 50 that are homeless (the number of people older than 65-years old who are homeless have increased by 23% in just a couple of years). Shouldn’t we focus on them first instead of foreigners? Especially when Sweden have sent a lot of money to help their countries.

The report also suggest that the beggers only beg because they can’t find jobs here. What kind of jobs do they expect to get without knowing Swedish, having an education or any special skills that are needed here? A lot of people like that have moved here the last couple of years and there isn’t any jobs for them either

I understand that it’s freezing to sit outside a store all day, but if they aren’t being trafficked they have the choice to go home. They have the responsibility for themselves like all adults have. We can’t help the whole world and we can’t have a legal framework that forces us to do so. People can’t just show up here for whatever reason and get all they want or need.

But there are over 100 000 members of Amnesty in Sweden and since they care so much for this group they can easily help them! There is no need for the state to spend one krona as Amnesty can managae this all by themselves. They have open hearts and now it’s time for them to open their front doors and their wallets too.

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