Paying is Unreasonable

SWEDEN. In the end of August an Official report of the Swedish Government called A Faster Construction of Houses were published. It turned out to be so crazy that nobody  wanted to associate with it.

If a municipality in Sweden want to build something for the public, like a school, hospital, nursing home or a park, and the owner of the land refuse to sell it they actually have the legal possibillity to buy it anyway. But the rules say that the municipality have to pay 125% of what the land is worth on the market. Not fun for the owner, but at least he gets recompensation.

The report mentioned above (SOU 2018:169) found it unreasonable to pay 125% to the landowner and proposed that the municipality should be allowed to take the land for free. Their reason was that if a school, for example, is built the area around it with it’s houses would be worth more money. The problem is that the person who get their land taken doesn’t have any land left that will increase in value! Instead that person have to find somewhere to live without having any money to pay for a house or a flat. 

The long term effects of something like this would be that nobody dares to deny the municipality anything or negotiate to get a better price. Because why should they make the effort when they have the right to just take what they want. So this is surely something that can be misused.

The report was written by MP Nooshi Dadgostar who is vice-president of The Left Party. Yes, that’s right: the “ex” communist proposed that the municipality should have the right to steal peoples private property. But we shouldn’t get too shocked because the party leader Jonas Sjöstedt said on SVT before the election that the goal for the Left Party is to abolish private property. The state should own everything (but for some reason the party members aren’t sharing their possessions amongst one another).

Peter Eriksson, who is the Minister of Housing and represents The Green Party, cancelled the presentation of the report just a couple of hours before the scheduled time. Nooshi interpreted this as he didn’t want to wind up in a conflict with the profit motives within the branch of industry. In other words; he is greedy and bought by the industry. A typical socialist thing to say and the claim is without doubt a lie. Classy! Erikssons press officer comment was that some of the proposals presented by the commission is very far from the original directive that they were given. Ouch!

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