16-year old Kidnapped

SWEDEN. A 16-year old boy were pulled into a car in Västerhaninge during Friday night when he was only a couple of hundred of meters from his home. 

The 16-year old didn’t know the four masked teenagers in the car and they didn’t know him. They robbed him of is phone, clothes and money. He was beaten up and threathened and according some sources this went on for hours. He didn’t understand what they said to each others. His parents had to leave an unknown sum of money on a park bench to get their son back. The boy is injured both physically and psychologically.

The police got a tip-off that the kidnappers were at a camping south of Stockholm and after a carchase they were arrested. Several police cars were damaged and a police got slightly injured. 

The kidnappers were between 17 and 18 years old. Two of them were on the run from a juvenile home in Fagersta where they had threatened the staff to be able to leave. One of those on the run was sentenced for attempted murder of a janitor in Malmö. The crime is punishable with 16 years in jail, but since he only was 15 years old he got 3 years in secure youth care. The janitor texted a comment about the kidnapping to a journalist:

That this even could happen is a reflection of our society.

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