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Persecution of Christians – week 46

Many countries are offering Asia Bibi asylum, but she is still hiding somewhere in Pakistan.

Nuri Kino writes that he has talked to a deacon in Pakistan who is exhausted by all the hate against Christians. He fears that violence will erupt and start a genocide. His assessment is that it could boil over any day. Christian travellers have already been attacked by Islamists.

42 people were murdered in an attack on a cathedral in the Central African Republic on 15 November, but some think that the number of dead might be as many as 100. The nearby houses were loted and burned. There are several militant groups that fight each other in the country and this attack was retaliation for a Muslim that had been killed by a Christian group. Churches often provide refuge to Muslims and Christians alike fleeing violence and this was the case with this church too so many of those who died were refugees.

Rwanda and Cameroon constituted new laws earlier this year, mainly concerning safety standards for churches and mosques, but it hit the Christians much much harder. Angola is now following their example by forcing each church to produce 100 000 signatures from followers to become registred by the state or they will have to close. 2 000 have already closed and at least 1 000 are expected to do the same. There are 29 million Christians in Angola, but only 84 registred churches and at least 4 000 secret ones. 

Radical Hindus in India have started to work with tribal groups to dispel Christians from their villages. Five families came home from worship to find their houses looted and then they were verbally abused. There were also threats that their land would be seized. Three of the families have converted back to the tribal religion because of the intense persecution.

On 11 November a 22-year old man attacked Christians during a prayer service in Cairo, Egypt. He entered through a kitchen were he hit a man in the head while screaming Islamic slogans. When a man tried to help the first man he was injured too. The police arrested the perpetraitor and claimed that the he had mental health issues and abused drugs. The parish doesn’t buy that explanation and later found out that the man was holding a Quran and a “sharp tool”.

A 60-year old man in Paris, France, filed a charge of “violence because of religion”. What happened was that he was out shopping and held a package wrapped in Christmas gift paper. A stranger approached, shoved and slapped him so his glasses fell to the ground. As he ran away he said: 

This is what we do to the disbelievers.

Four people have been arrested by the Kurdish Regional Governments (KRG) police for threatening Christians with violence to extort them. Christians living in the KRG repeatedly suffers harassment from the broader Muslim community, especially during Islamic holidays such as Ramadan. Another problem is that even if charged with crimes against Christians they do not necessarily reflect the deeper problems.

A prayer meeting on 14 November in Chaphar village, India, were interrupted by villagers who started beating the Christians. They also tore pictures of their deities so they could report to the police that the Christians desecrated their gods and could claim that the pastors were manipulating people to convert.

A school in Terni, Italy, have decided to cancel their traditional Christmas recital so they won’t offend people of other religions. A local councillor and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini have commented that respect for others doesn’t mean that you have to renounce you roots, history and culture.

Four Christian women, two of them Nepalese and two Japanese, were arrested in Nepal accused of trying to forcibly convert people to Christianity. Two of them were deported.

A study have been conducted by a pastor in China. The result shows that 57% of churches have been harassed directly. All of the 9 churches that were directly harassed were required to join the states Three-Self-Churches. This suggests that the government officials goal is to merge the house churches with their “church”. 88% have experienced indirect harassment. 

Christian aid worker Jeff Wodke have now been kidnapped for two years by an extremist Islamic group in Niger. Since he was abducted nothing have been heard from neither him nor the kidnappers.

The four priests that were abducted in Nigeria were rescued by the police after four days. No ransom was paid and the kidnappers haven’t been caught.

The Syrian asylum seeker who stabbed three people in Hague, Netherlands, on May 5 2018, have said that he looked for Christian and Jewish kuffars. He has also said that they are like animals or retarded people, while he’s a soldier of Allah. 

A church in the Hunan province of China gets frequent visits from authorities that interrupt services, forcibly interrogate congregants and vandalize church property. One reason is that the Pastor signed a joint letter that called on authorities to stop persecuting churches and pushing on their right to religious freedom.

On 7 November more then 40 chairs were crumbled to pieces, tables and displays thrown over in the 11th century church of Sainte Croix, France. A press release states that vandalism is becoming more and more frequent.

Hungary and USA have met and both are ready to help persecuted Christians, especially in the Middle East. They want to help Christians return home as fast as it’s possible.

Read about a man from Uganda (not the one from last week) who were killed by his Muslim family after becoming Christian.

Read about Christians during the civil war in Syria.

May the Comforter

Who proceeds from You

enlighten our minds

we beseech you

O Lord and guide us,

as Your Son has promised,

into all truth.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord,


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