The Company You Keep

SWEDEN. The Left Party used to be named Left Party the Communists, but claim all that is ancient history. They haven’t taken responsibility for their support to dictators. Possibly because they haven’t changed their beliefs at all.

In Alingsås The Left Party arranged an event together with The Communist Party this week. That have happened a couple of times and a supporter of the Left Party commented on the collaboration saying it was good and important. At the same time their party leader, Jonas Sjöstedt, takes great offence if anybody implies that his party is in any way extreme. But that’s hard to claim while you hang out with a party that supports North Korea.

The Communist Party wants an armed revolution, because you can’t get socialism by cooperating with the ruling classes. What they mean is that you have to shoot those who doesn’t comply. This is what they write in their manifesto about capitalism:

The capital hunts all over the worlds to make profit and enters all human activity. The Swedish capitalists find Sweden to small and therefore they move capital and jobs to low-wage countries where they expect to make higher proceeds. The capital doesn’t take any responsibility for Sweden or the people that live here.

So capitalism has got to go, but when it does that’s bad too because then it doesn’t take any responsibility? Hilarious and crazy stupid! They do have a webshop on their site and they, still, sell a book praising Venezuela for choosing socialism. Haven’t their fellow socialists told them that it never was real socialism?

It’s a mystery that these guys never see from the start that a country is doing it wrong. Socialists seem to be satisfied with the way things are going until it all falls apart. Then they get really fiery about how it wasn’t real socialism when one would think that they would be the ones who’d be able to tell real socialism from the fake kind. But perhaps they’re not very smart.

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