Saudi Influence over School in Sweden

SWEDEN. The Muslim community in Örebro is known for it’s Islamism and ISIS-travelers. In the Alsalam elementary school, which have about 300 students, the education is highly influenced by the same ideas.

That Saudi Arabia is trying to spread salafism throughout the world is well-known and one way is to fund Muslim projects. Schools are of particular importance as they give them the opportunity to instruct children in their beliefs and teach them “the right ways” early. And they have done so through Al-Risalah Scandinavian Foundation that owns schools in Norway, Iceland and in the Swedish city Örebro.

Last year the Sheik that are providing the money wanted to sack the other members on the board and replece them with his own men. Demands like this have been made when it come to mosques, but never before with schools. The chairman, with support from a court order, managed to keep control over the school. 

The chairman of the foundation see no problem with the money from Saudi Arabia that keeps on coming, but from another rich Sheik and claim to run the school in accordance with Swedish principles. But Alsalam are risking a penalty because of harsh critique from the Schools Protectorate. This have been the case for several years and last year it was 30 topics on their list of  inaccuracy. One example are classes that are gender segregated. I guess there’s a lot of things that happen there behind the curtains.

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